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Pink Flurry Marble 


As the name suggests, Pink Flurry marble belongs to the same family of natural stone as Grey Flurry marble. In fact, Pink Flurry and Grey Flurry are extracted from the same quarry. Both Pink Flurry marble and Grey Flurry marble are mined in Italy. Contrasting to Grey Flurry’s vivid and prominent character, Pink Flurry marble has a subtle and refined character. Pink Flurry marble has a peach and light grey coloured background. The peach and light grey compliment each other in a perfect harmony creating a beautiful surface. The background of this Italian marble is accompanied by white coloured veins. The nature of the veins is similar to that of Grey Flurry marble’s veins but differ in volume. Pink Flurry marble’s veins are thin and spaced out, however, the volume of the veins is much less compared to Grey Flurry’s veins. Overall, this Italian marble has a classical character with an elegant appearance. Just like Grey Flurry, Pink Flurry marble also performs well as a surfacing alternative. It has strong strength and high durability. It is also lightweight and offers good shine after polishing. Due to its classical character and book matching capability, this Italian marble is ideal for flooring, wall cladding, columns and staircases. It also serves well in bathrooms and for vanity tops. 

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