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Grey Flurry Marble 


Blessed with intricate details, Grey Flurry is one of the most distinguishable imported marble. Quarried in Italy, Grey Flurry marble has a grey background consisting of subtle and delicate flowers along with pale-gold and white veins. The veins on this Italian marble are spaced out and thin in nature and reminds one of lightning in a night sky. The subtle flowers on the grey background are reminiscent of stars in a galaxy. The overall surface of Grey Flurry marble appears as if you are gazing at the stars in the galaxy through the lightning in the night sky. Full of character and depth, Grey Flurry marble performs satisfying well as a surfacing option. It has high strength and offers good durability. The surface of this Italian marble looks splendid after polishing, highlighting all of its intricate details. Due to its prominent character and high book matching capability, Grey Flurry marble is ideal for flooring and wall cladding. It also serves well in bathrooms and for highlighting purposes.

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