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Blue Breccia Marble


Blue Breccia marble belongs to the famous Breccia family of natural stones from Italy. Just like its close cousin Breccia Aurora, Blue Breccia marble also originates from the Brescia region in Northern Italy. However, compared to its Italian counterparts Blue Breccia marble is more rare and exclusive. It has a livid (bluish-grey) coloured background accompanied by rosewood textured thin veins. The play of the intricate rosewood textured veins over blue-hued background gives this Italian marble a regal character and elegant appearance. The dynamic pattern of Blue Breccia marble makes it highly capable of book matching. It has good strength and durability and gives out an excellent shine after polishing. The livid colour of Blue Breccia marble sits well with a wide range of other colours. Its high book matching capability, colour matching capability and strength make this Italian marble quite versatile. The most common applications of Blue Breccia marble are for flooring, highlighting, wall-calling and bathrooms.

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