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Breccia Aurora Marble 


Originating from the Breccia region of Italy, Breccia Aurora has been quarried for more than 35 years and it still stands as one of the most desirable Italian marble. Breccia Aurora marble has a creamy beige background with pinkish hues. The background colours are quite dynamic in nature, providing a range of light and dark beige colours. The dynamic colours are the reason why Breccia Aurora is one of the most desirable marble. They give this Italian marble a beautiful and elegant appearance. Breccia Aurora also consists of textures similar to rosewood, present in forms of belts or veins. The rosewood texture adds more character and depth to the marble. The rosewood textures and the dynamic colours make Breccia Aurora ideal for book-matching (mirror-image symmetric installation). Its high book-matching capabilities make it ideal for large applications such as flooring, wall cladding and columns.

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