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 Black Marquina Marble 


Black Marquina marble shows how simplicity combined with perfect execution can achieve the best outcome. Black Marquina marble has a deep black background with pure white veins. The character and the volume of the white veins depend on the origin and the grade of marble. The white veins also make Black Marquina marble very suitable for book matching (mirror-image symmetric installation). Its simplicity in its black and white colours and its design features is the reason why Black Marquina is highly appreciated internationally. Black Marquina has an elegant character which cannot go unnoticed. It will blend well with any other colour or type of marble. Additionally, Black Marquina responds well to polishing, giving out an excellent shine. Its simple yet noticeable character, book matching capability and polish performance has made Black Marquina marble an ideal choice for interior applications. The most common applications of this imported marble are flooring, wall cladding, staircases, bathrooms, kitchen countertops and vanity tops. 

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