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Rosso Orobico Marble


One of the finest Italian marble, Arabesacto Rosso Ororbico, has proven to be an excellent example of how marble with dynamic patterns can uplift the ambience of any space. Arabescato Rosso Orobico or simply Rosso Orobico is quarried near the city of Bergamo in Northern Italy. A fine and tasteful Italian marble, Rosso Orobico has a dynamic pattern consisting of red, white, burgundy and light grey stripes with an undertone of pale rose colors. The dynamic pattern of this Italian marble can be best described as wide waves formed by numerous linear strips of color stacked together, where these wide waves overlap and mingle with each other. The overall character of Rosso Orobico is elegant and tasteful. Other than its aesthetic pattern, Rosso Orobico’s performance also makes it an excellent choice for surfacing. This Italian marble has good strength and durability. It offers great shine after polishing. It also has high book matching capability which makes it ideal for large surfaces such as flooring and lobbies. It also serves as a good option for wall cladding and bathrooms. This Italian marble is quite versatile and is good for both interiors and exteriors in residential and large projects.  

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