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French Chiffon Marble


French Chiffon Marble has a contemporary and opulent character. Quarried in Tunisia, French Chiffon marble has a dark grey background with a rich brown tone resulting in a taupe grey colour. Thin rustic red and white veins accompany the gratifying taupe grey background. The presence of light grey colour running along the spaced-out veins makes the surface of French Chiffon marble seem illuminated. The overall appearance of French Chiffon can be best described as aesthetically pleasing with alluring details. This imported marble responds very well to polishing and offers an excellent shine. Due to its spaced-out and detailed veins, French chiffon marble has book matching capability. Which makes this imported marble suitable for flooring areas and wall cladding. When utilized for bathrooms this marble provides a restful and welcoming atmosphere. It also offers good strength and durability, which makes it ideal for both exteriors and interiors.

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