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 Saint Laurent Marble 


Widely known around the world for its classical design, India recognizes this imported marble as Saint Laurent, Noir Saint Laurent, Nero Saint Laurent or simply NSL. Quarried in Tunisia, North Africa, Saint Laurent marble is known as Shara Noir in the rest of the world. Saint Laurent marble has a rich black background with linear white, gold and copper colored veins. The straight veins define the character of this imported marble. With an extremely low number of veins, Saint Laurent marble has a crisp, clean and uncluttered appearance. It has a classical character with eternal design features. Due to its classical character it is one of the most internationally recognized stones and widely used in many projects around the world. The crisp and uncluttered design features of Saint Laurent marble make it ideal for elevation and highlighting applications. It is generally used for stair cases, wall cladding and living areas. 

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