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Michelangelo Marble 


Michelangelo, a marble so fine it takes its name from the most renowned Italian sculptor and artist, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarotti Simoni. Quarried in Portugal, Michelangelo marble is one of the only few marble to ever share the same stature as Statuario. Michelangelo comes in three background tones; white with a hue of pink, pure white and creamish white. Michelangelo marble has various grades which set a wide price bracket for this Portuguese marble. The starting grade of Michelangelo has busier character with darker colored veins and is more readily available. The grade gets higher as the character gets less busy and the color of the veins get similar to that of the background. The higher grade Michelangelo marble has a brighter background color and is limited in availability. Today, this Portuguese marble has become increasingly popular because it stands as a new alternative to the tried and tested Statuario marble in modern and classical designs. With its sophisticated character, Michelangelo marble has become the leading choice of architects and designers around the world.

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