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Red Chigan Marble


One of the most recognizable imported marble from the red marble category, Red Chigan marble has a sangria red background with a mix of grey. The red background accompanies a spread of definitive grey veins with occasional pure white veins enveloped within the grey veins. Red Chigan marble and Grey Chigan marble are extracted from the same quarry in Spain. Not surprisingly, Red Chigan marble has the exact opposite appearance of Grey Chigan marble. Where Grey Chigan marble has a grey background with red veins, Red chigan marble has a red background with grey veins. Both Red Chigan and Grey Chigan marble have good strength and polish performance. Naturally, Reg Chigan marble best compliments Grey Chigan marble. However, it also suits with other grey, white and black marble. Mostly, Red Chigan marble is used in staircase, bathrooms walls, vanity tops and border inserts as a contrasting color.

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