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Sarrancolin Versailles Marble 


One of the most renowned marbles around the world, Sarrancolin Versailles marble has an elegant grey background with red, gold, brown and white veins and patterns. Full of character, Sarrancolin Versailles’ simulating diversity in movements and patterns give this exotic marble a distinctive and aesthetically-pleasing appearance. Sarrancloin Versailles marble is quarried in the villages of Sarrancolin in the Hautes-Pyrénées department in south-western France. These quarries were given the status of royal quarries by King Louis XIV of France. This French marble was used in the famous castle of Versailles, hence the name Sarrancolin Versailles. Due to its artistic beauty, this French marble is still being used in the most prestigious projects around the world. Sarrancolin Versailles’ patterns and veins make it highly suitable for book-matching, making it an ideal choice for flooring and wall cladding. Other than flooring, it can also be used in countertops, archways and columns.

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