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Breccia Marina Marble 

BRECCIA MARINA Italian Marble.png

Breccia Maria belongs to the same Breccia family of Italian marbles, quarried in the Breccia region of Northern Italy. Also known as Breccia Maria Light or simply Breccia Light, this Italian marble has a light beige background consisting of very minimal and fine flowers. The flowers are subtle and add depth to an otherwise plain background. Breccia Marina marble also has extremely thin rose wood colored slanted veins, which mostly run end to end on the surface. These veins are low in number but are prominent in appearance and define the character of this Italian marble. The thin rose wood veins make Breccia Maria highly suitable for book-matching (mirror-image symmetric installation). Overall character of the marble is subtle and elegant. Due to its high book-matching capabilities and its subtle yet elegant character, Breccia Marina is most suited for flooring, wall cladding, bathrooms and columns. 

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