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Botticino Classico Marble 


One of the most prominent natural stones in the Italian marble universe, Botticino Classico marble is quarried in the Brescia province of Italy. In fact, when most people mention Botticino marble, they are actually referring to Botticino Classico. You can view the description of standard Botticino marble here. Botticino Classico has a beige background consisting of very small light beige flowers, which give the marble more character and depth. It also has veins of dark beige color which run across parallel to the marble. The color, flowers and veins of Botticino Classico marble give it elegant texture and depth, while the overall appearance of the marble is subtle. This Italian marble has high strength and durability. It also gives an excellent shine once polished. Its performance and subtle character make it suitable for any application, both interior and exterior.

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