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Fire Red Marble


Red marble plays an important role in interior design. It highlights other materials with its self-effacing nature. It is meant to go unnoticed but your designs may seem incomplete without it, especially classical designs. One such example and one of the best offerings from the Red marble universe is the Fire Red marble. Quarried in Iran, Fire Red marble has a flame-red coloured background. Hence, the name Fire Red marble. Its background consists of extremely thin white veins present in the forms of streaks. The white streaks are subtle in nature and not overpowering. Fire Red marble has an unobtrusive character, which allows it to enhance the beauty of the other materials. Mostly used in classical designs, Fire Red marble compliments white and black marble the best. It can be seen as borders or inserts in flooring or as columns. Fire Red marble also has good strength and durability, which makes it highly suitable for staircases, vanity tops and kitchen countertops.

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