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Regal Beige Marble

REGAL BEIGE Italian Marble.png

A refined and sophisticated imported marble, Regal beige looks exactly like Antique beige marble and it can be difficult to differentiate between the two. Just like Antique beige marble, Regal beige gets a dark beige colored background which gives this marble a clean and elegant character. However, Regal beige marble has little more veins compared to Antique beige. Since the veins are extremely thin and minimal, you can only notice the difference when you place both marbles side-by-side and inspect them from a close distance. Both, Regal Beige marble and Antique Beige marble are quarried in Turkey. Both marbles have good strength and durability and give out excellent shine when polished. Regal Beige’s elegant beige color and its performance in terms of polish and strength make it ideal for applications in large areas such as flooring, lobbies and wall cladding. 

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