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Bianco Mooncream Marble 

BIANCO MOON CREAM Italian Marble.png

Quarried in Turkey, Bianco Moon Cream or simply Moon Cream marble has warm white colour with a hue of beige. Its veins are the defining feature of this marble and also what differentiates it from Bianco Marfil. The veins in Bianco Moon Cream form multiple layers giving the marble great depth. The character of the veins can be best described as shimmering water. The word Bianco means white and originated from Europe in the pre 5th century. Due to its white-coloured veins and its lightness in its base colour, this Turkish marble receives the name - Bianco. The overall character of Bianco Moon Cream marble is quite vivid, making it ideal for making a statement. Its white veins also make it highly suitable for book matching (mirror-image symmetric installation). Due to its vivid character and its capability for book matching, Bianco Moon Cream marble is best suited for elevations, flooring, lobbies and wall claddings. 

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