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Bianco Marfil Marble 

BIANCO MARFIL Italian Marble.png

The word Bianco means white and it originated from regions of Scandinavia and Northern Germany. Bianco Marfil marble’s colour can be best described as either a warm white with a hue of beige or a very light beige. It is called Bianco because of its very light colour. Bianco Marfil marble also consists of white veins which appear like foaming sea waves washing up on a sandy beach.


The white veins are another reason why this marble is called Bianco. Originating from Turkey, Bianco Marfil has great depth and a character which can not go unnoticed. Its white veins also make it highly suitable for book matching (mirror-image symmetric installation). Bianco Marfil’s notable character makes it ideal for elevations, wall cladding, columns and flooring. If you want to add some character to your designs then Bianco Marfil is perfect for you. 

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